Independent quality assurance from the Sheffield Assay Office.

Sheffield Assay Office

Stunt & Co. is the only refiner of investment grade gold and precious metals to have their refinery housed within a UK assay office.

Our close relationship with the Sheffield Assay Office (SAO) means that we have direct access to the independent assaying services they offer. Our partnership helps us to analyse the raw gold and other materials we procure for refining and independently certifies the 999.9 investment grade refined material we produce.

We are the only producer of fine gold and precious metals that carries the hallmark of a UK government-regulated and world-recognised assay office. Unlike other producers of investment grade gold we do not rely on self-certification, rather we use independent analytical experts that were established in 1773.

Established under an act of parliament in 1773, The Sheffield Assay Office is one of the four Assay Offices in the UK.

Since 1973 the SAO has come under the direct supervision of The British Hallmarking Council who reports directly to The Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills.

As an indication of the high standards consistently met the SAO were one of the first laboratories to be given UKAS accreditation and which they have since retained continuously.

Today, the SAO is committed to ongoing investment in research and development.  The significant growth of the business led to the completion of a purpose-built assay, analytical and research facility in July 2008. It is within this building that the Stunt & Co. refinery is housed.

There has been an Assay Office in Sheffield since 1773, when local silversmiths successfully petitioned Parliament for the right to assay silver in Sheffield.

The day to day running of the Office was entrusted to an Assay Master who swore an oath before the Master of the Royal Mint. The Office was to be non-profit making and its running costs were to be met by the hallmarking charges paid by the manufacturers. More than two hundred years later, the Office is still funded in exactly the same way.

More than 240 years after it first opened its doors, The SAO still protects consumers and manufacturers alike, maintaining its reputation for integrity and efficiency.