Stunt & Co. offers a full range of investment grade products, including coins and bullion, up to good delivery bar size in gold & silver.


All our products are refined and cast by us and carry the quality assurance of the Sheffield Assay Office.

Our highly personal service ensures that we offer the best client care and access to the finest products. We also offer a bespoke service giving our clients the option to design their own unique pieces including medals, commemorative coins and bars.

If you wish to take possession of your physical assets they will be delivered by high security accredited transport companies. We can also vault your asset in accredited secure facilities.

Gold Ingot & Bars

We offer investment grade gold bullion in the following sizes. Click here for more information on our Gold Bars.

Stunt & Co 5g gold bar

Stunt & Co 10g gold bar

Stunt & Co 20g gold bar

Stunt & Co 1oz gold bar

Stunt & Co 50g gold bar

Stunt & Co 100g gold bar

Stunt & Co 250g gold bar

Stunt & Co 500g gold bar

Stunt & Co 1 kilo gold bar

Other precious metals

Silver bars

We produce silver bars of 1kg and 1000oz. Click here for more information on our Silver Bars.


Coins and medals

We produce a range of commemorative gold coins and medals from 1oz to 1kg. Click here for more information on our Coins.



Stunt & Co is launching its range of commemorative coins following an exclusive contract with Formula 1.

Stunt & Co. produced a limited edition 1oz fine gold medal to commemorate the 2015 Indian religious festival of Diwali.