Stunt & Co. Ltd is a UK based, family owned precious metals business. We procure, refine and sell the highest quality bullion and precious metals for our investor clients.

About us

Our firm was created because we firmly believe that gold and other precious metals should form part of a diversified investment portfolio. We also believe that investment in such a precious commodity needs a personal service.

What sets us apart

Precious metal bullion is traded like any other commodity. If acquired elsewhere, your physical assets could have been owned by many people before you, transported and vaulted in a number of locations.

At Stunt & Co. we believe that if you are investing in something as precious as gold or silver it should be treated with the respect that its value commands. So to make sure our clients have access to the finest products, we go one step further: we refine our own investment grade gold and other precious metals in the UK.

All our products carry our own Stunt & Co. stamp and the quality assurance hallmark of the Sheffield Assay Office.

If you want to make your investment truly your own we can help you design and personalise your assets. We work with craftsmen to create and design unique pieces that once approved can go straight into production.

To find out more about our bespoke service please contact us for further information.

Stunt & Co. products are independently Assayed by the Sheffield Assay Office, a UK government facility with oversight by the relevant Secretary of State.

The precious metals refined by us are the only bars and bullion that bear the Tudor Rose of Sheffield hallmark, providing the highest level of quality assurance to investors.

Everything we produce is also issued with a certificate by the Sheffield Assay Master which provides a guarantee that our products are of the finest quality.


Stunt & Co. have a state-of-the-art precious metal refining facility that process gold & silver.

Our facility is located within the Sheffield Assay Office which gives us quick access to their independent analytical and assaying services.

Our refining facilities produce bullion, bars and commemorative coins which we sell directly to our clients.

We can process 400kg of raw gold a day and cast 2,400kg investment grade gold refined bars per week.

Producing Stunt & Co. investment grade precious metals

Gold and other precious metals are rarely found in their purest form. For example, raw gold always contains impurities such as copper and silver, while recycled gold is typically alloyed with other metals. Refining removes all impurities to produce 999.9 pure or fine gold. Once it is assayed our refined material is cast into a range of investment grade products including bars and coins, bearing the hallmark of the Sheffield Assay Office.


Stunt & Co. procures unrefined gold and precious metals directly from mines and by recycling.

Responsibly sourced

Our clients need to know that the raw gold and precious metals we procure is sourced responsibly.

We carry out all the background checks necessary on the suppliers we work with. This ensures that the producers themselves benefit from regulated working conditions and health and safety standards.


Recycled gold and other precious metals, when refined, have exactly the same value and are indistinguishable from newly mined metals.

At Stunt & Co. we purchase recycled gold in volume as well as investment grade precious metals which we re-cast into new Stunt & Co. bars and coins.


James Robert Frederick Stunt is a British entrepreneur. James has been involved with highly successful ventures in the gambling, art, mining and transcontinental shipping industries. His current major business focus is precious metals.

James’ two main passions, outside of business, are art collecting and philanthropy.

James has donated to many organisations and causes that are close to his heart, including but not limited to:

  • The Prince’s Trust
  • Elton John AIDS Foundation
  • The Conservative Party,
  • Caudwell Kids
  • Zac Goldsmith’s The Ormeley Dinner,
  • Tusk
  • The Meningitis Trust

James has emerged as one of the most impressive and knowledgable collectors of his generation.

  • James has a significant number of rare collector’s cars.
  • James has an impressive collection of rare wine.
  • James was recently named by Apollo in the inaugural 40 Under 40 publication assembled to recognise the most talented and inspirational young people in the US art world. James is acknowledged for his status as one of the world’s leading collectors and is a supporter of numerous museums, loaning major works to The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, The Huntington Museum of Art and The National Portrait Gallery.

It was James previous mining success, love of all things precious and a belief in the importance of gold as an under appreciated and undervalued store of wealth that gave birth to Stunt & Co.

James holds a significant portion of his assets in physical gold and his vision is to bring the gold standard back for his clients.

James is a graduate of the European Business School in Regents Park and a former alumni of Bradfield College where he annually funds two academic scholarships and recently paid for renovations to the pavilion, now renamed The Stunt Pavilion.

As the Chief Operating Officer, Lee leads the successful development and execution of Stunt & Co’s refinery & production operations, expansion strategies, comprehensive management solutions, strategic marketing and business development and the design and delivery of innovative ideas with plans to grow the business into the leading precious metals refinery in the UK – a fully family owned and run business.

Lee brings over 15 years of printing production operations, digital marketing services and cable distribution operations experience to Stunt & Co and has a strategic role in the overall management and growth of the company. His leadership, in conjunction with his brother (CEO/Chairman), he has enabled the young company to achieve immediate revenue generation (growing month on month) and to increase its scale of operations through the expansion of facilities, growth in staffing and development of talent and increasing the company’s footprint into an already well established industry

Formerly at Ascot Cables Ltd. (formerly Interconnect Ltd), he had a proven track record of sales and revenue growth serving as the head of operations (EMEA) and head of supply chain management and logistics. In these roles, he was responsible for overseeing multiple lines of management, leading market expansion into new industry sectors and geographies and developing profitable logistics partnerships to the organization.

Lee holds a BSc in Business Management from the University of Surrey.

Alex brings 10 years of financial services experience, working as a private banker for Barclays Wealth and Lombard Odier before joining boutique corporate finance firm Peat & Co, where he worked with a number of LSE listed mining companies, including Highland Gold and GoldBridges Global Resources.

At Stunt & Co. Alex has a broad remit that includes oversight of all metal trading activities, product development and sales to both wholesale and retail clients.

Alex attended Eton College and is a graduate of Newcastle upon Tyne University.

Arjun is an economics Graduate from the London School of Economics (2013). Not withstanding his age, Arjun has extensive experience in the precious metals industry and his family have been engaged in the international jewellery trade for close to 60 years of family trade behind him.  He has successfully built up his own brand in the UK scrap market by targeting high street brands and local procurement.  Arjun also brings an international dimension to Stunt and Co. through his close network of family contacts and business associates.